The Key to Maintaining a Globally Competitive Manufacturing Environment

We know that delivering quality parts, on-time, that meet your specifications is not enough.  Your business climate has changed and you are constantly faced with new challenges, needs and competitive threats that require you, as well as your supply base, to constantly find and implement better ways of doing business.  At Wise Plastics, we challenge ourselves every day to leverage innovation across all aspects of our business operations so that we can provide you with the competitive advantages that will give your products a performance edge.

At Wise, innovation has no boundaries and it is inherent in our company culture “from the top, down”.  Visit us and you will see innovation at work for you throughout our operation:

  • A world-class, purpose-built injection molding facility housing single-shot, two-shot, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), and insert molding.
  • Enhancing the utilization and outputs of our machinery and equipment.
  • Improving and optimizing our processes.
  • Leading edge Information Technology systems.
  • Ultra-responsive Customer Service and Supply Chain programs and logistics.
  • A “Can Do” mindset to deliver customer wants and needs.
  • Anticipating cost avoidance opportunities and achieving cost reduction opportunities.

All of us are expected and empowered to find more creative and cost-effective ways of executing our core capabilities in order to better serve our customers.  


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