Process Monitoring

State-of-the-Art Production Process Monitoring

Real-time, Embedded Systems

Our production process monitoring is the most comprehensive system in the industry. We use not one, but two fully embedded, real-time systems to “one-two punch” how we continually measure and track the production of your parts: shot-to-shot, each and every part. The powerful combination of ERP-system based production monitoring, coupled with our proprietary facility-wide process monitoring system, gives you the highest level of production data available in the industry today. No other molder can provide you with more comprehensive process monitoring data of your parts than Wise Plastics.

  • Highest level of real-time production monitoring available today.
  • Powerful, instantaneous feedback on all critical processing parameters.
  • Real-time production reporting of job status.
  • Automated plant-wide annunciation system.
  • Shot-to-shot key processing variables are archived electronically for unsurpassed lot traceability.
  • Real-time production monitoring of overall machine utilization, cycle optimization and downtime results in eliminating non-value added costs.


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