Decoupled Molding℠ Process

Scientific Principles Applied to the Molding Process

Using Advanced Injection Molding Techniques

Wise Plastics partnered with RJG Inc. over ten years ago to use their unique technology to practice scientific molding principles. Scientific molding is a disciplined approach to injection molding to ensure that every part produced is of the same excellent quality.  It removes all guesswork from the molding process by requiring an understanding of all the various elements of the molding cycle both individually, as well as how they work collectively. 

The result is an optimized injection molding process that provides you the benefits of:

  • Part-to-part repeatability
  • Elimination of defective parts during the molding process
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Reduced material consumption
  • Higher production yields
  • Overall cost reduction
  • Robust and reliable manufacturing process documentation


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