Engineering Services

Engineering Program Management

Wise Plastics believes in a team approach to Value Engineering. Working in-step with you, from concept to production, to fully understand your requirements and deliver a program that comes in on-time and on budget.

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Design Services

Highly experienced in-house Tooling Engineers that specialize in plastic part and tool design, who work in tandem with Engineering Program Managers to provide the critical design inputs to ensure the success of your project.

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Rapid Prototyping

There are many benefits to prototyping your part prior to the production stage. Wise Plastics offers a wide range of prototype services that can be delivered to you fast, using your existing 3D solid model files.

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Fast-Track Project Development

“Fast-Track” is Wise Plastics' own specialized approach to product development and program management. By compressing schedules and processes, Wise is able to get your project launched fast. "Fast Track" was developed because Wise understands that not all projects can fit within conventional development schedules.

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Transfer Tooling

There can be many reasons why your company may need to transfer an existing tool. Whether it is a planned process or an urgent need, Wise Plastics' experience in receiving transfer tools will make it a smooth transition for you.

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