Markets Served

Industry Trends, Shifts and Unique Characteristics

Understanding and Meeting Your Challenges

Many molders make parts for a broad range of markets. The difference you will experience with us is that we strategically staff with experience that runs deep in many major market segments. Each industry has its own trends, shifts and unique characteristics that challenge your business in an ever-changing globalized economy. We understand that as a supplier, our role is to keep pace with the dynamics of your market so that we can provide solutions in order for you to gain a competitive edge.

Engage us in the early stages of product development and chances are we’ve seen the application before and can bring market-specific value-engineering experience to the project. Tell us the logistical hurdles you’re facing with your customers and we’ll customize an inventory management program that will smooth out the supply chain and relieve you of the volatility associated with unforeseen demand.

Over the past forty-six years, we have successfully served the mid-to-high volume injection molding needs of leading manufacturers in:

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Government/Defense
  • Computer & Business Machines
  • Lighting/Electronics
  • Building & Construction
  • Industrial
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Recreational/Sporting Goods
  • Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Point of Purchase
  • Consumer Products


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